Pricing Company Consulting and coaching

We like companies and ideas. We like to help developing business and ideas into businesses. We do that through coaching from idea to business or develop a businessmodel and planorbuilding your business.


We can help building your business or coaching your idea to business.Based on talks we give feedback to your. We will set realistic goals so they can reached. We help to develop strategic plans and focus for starters and existing companies.

Businessplan consulting

Develop abusiness plan and model together withyou. We work according to our program WWH (what why how). When you need a business plan for the bank or institutes we can develop the program to a complete plan for that purpose. We cover subject like client or productinnovation, client approach, differentiate your business, marketing and finance.

Rate ex vat

The rate for a program can be found here.

Contact us per email (info [at] or call 020-4123507.