Pricing Company Administration and Tax for freelancers and self employed

Check our fixed prices for administration and tax for self employed or freelancers.

How we do our work

We have three goals in our way of working, these are: 

  • You know what you pay
  • Freedome of choice
  • Complete package

As part of the freedome of choice we offer three options can can choose from:

  • You will do your own bookkeeping and we check the amdin + compliance.
  • You organize the admin for us but you will not bookkeep, we do the compliance work.
  • We have a model if you want to minimize your time spend on your admin.


Fixed price company package for the self employed

We take care of the administration and tax returns for the company both business and private. The price is based on the revenue and size of the work, we take care of the following:

  • Administration and accounting;
  • Year statement, calculating the taxable profit
  • Tax: VAT returns (Value added tax, BTW or omzetbelasting);
  • Tax: income tax returns.
  • Consult: advise per telephone and email

We have three way of working:

  • Own bookkeeping system: we check admin, you are doing your VAT return
  • Do-it-yourself: you will organise your administration by our DIT format
  • Time saving: you will give us the orginal documentation and we will take care of the organisation of your administration

Prices per quarter, excluding VAT:


Annual revenue including VAT Own Bookkeeping system Do-it-yourself Time-saving
ZZP mini (revenue 20.000 and small number of transactions) 195 225 255
ZZP small (revenue > 20.000 and small number of transactions) 225 255 290
ZZP/VOF basic (revenue 40 - 60.000 and reasonable number of transactions) 255 290 365
ZZP/VOF mid (revenue 60 - 100.000 and reasonable number of transactions) 290 365 430
ZZP/VOF mid basic (revenue 100 - 150.000 and reasonable number of transactions) 365 430 515
ZZP/VOF mid plus (revenue  150 - 200.000 and reasonable number of transactions) 430 515 680
ZZP/VOF big  (a lot of of transactions), starting price ---> 515 680 855


Interested? can contact us per info [at] (email) info [at] and telephone +31 20 4123507