Artlupa - companytax and companycoaching

'Dare to be ambitious; be a wolf'

We process numbers and make them insightful, we interpret and substantiate those numbers. We are business coach, bookkeeper, business- and tax consultant. You can come to us for administration and all business related taxes like turn-over tax, payroll tax, corporate tax and income tax.

We focus on the small business for which we are coach, guide and advisor. Artlupa is there for those with passion and ambition for their work: professionals, creatives, thinkers, makers, craftsmen, doctors, dentist, artists, medical practitioners, actors, consultants, builders, film makers, writers and adventurers.

Artlupa is an administration office, bookkeeper, bookkeeping office and tax consultant in Amsterdam Oud-West. For entrepreneurs that are active as self-employed professionals, independents, partner, director and shareholder with a BV, a partnership or as a VOF.

Artlupa helps your business grow