Hand-in-Help Income tax 2013 is available on our website

The hand-in-Help income tax return 2013 is available on our website. Using the hand-in-help, we make it as easy as possible for you to gather you documents for the income tax return.

The income tax return needs to be filed before April 1st, 2014. Because we have a special arrangement with the tax authorities, we can ask for an extension of a full year to file the income tax return. So, we have to file your income tax return before May, 1st 2015 for the year 2013!

When you are self-employed, it might be beneficial for you to request a provisional assessment for 2014. A provisional assessment prevents you from paying the amount all in once. When you have a mortgage for your house, you will probably receive income tax back from the tax authorities. We can arrange this by a provisional assessment.

If your are an artist, be aware of the artist arrangment within the income tax. Even when you did not receive an invitation to file your income taxes, filing the income tax return might be profitable, for instance when you have children, when you made study expenses or health expenses, when you have the 30%-ruling or when you did not live the full year in the Netherlands.

We can file your income tax return before April, 1st. If you want us to file your return before April, 1st, please contact us. Do you no need to file your return in order to buy a house or for other purposes, let us know and we will make sure that we file it as soon as possible.

The Dutch tax system offers a possibility to average your income from the last three years when your income showed significant fluctuations. We make a calculation based on no cure, no pay for you.

Can find the hand-in-help here: http://artlupa.com/en/about/clients-downloads-will-help-you-gathering-yo...