Tax deadlines 2014

We would like to inform you about the dates for submitting your income tax declaration and VAT. You will find the complete schedule by clicking on this link. You can use this schedule during 2014.

Investment tax credit, invest as much as possible in 1 year

If you invest in assets you can claim an investment tax credit (investeringsaftrek). To qualify for this credit you have to invest more than € 2.300 a year. Any investment above 450 Euros excluding VAT counts. For more info please contact us.

Zelfstandigenaftrek, maintain hours on a calendar

Using the fiscal facilities of the zelfstandigenaftrek, you can save up to an amount of € 3.500,- of tax money. To make use of this saving you must make it plausible that you have worked at least 1.225 hours a year for your company. You can use the calendar we made especially for this purpose.

New agenda items

1. Income tax: hand-in-help to maximise outcome We will send you a hand-in-help form in February 2014. It contains information about how to hand in items for the income tax declaration 2013. Please return the items before may 1st 2014.

2. VAT: each quarter of each year If you have a quarter tax assessment, we need your sales invoices, purchase invoices, and receipts, every quarter. If the assessment is once a year, than we need these items material at the beginning of the next year (so in March 2014 for the year 2013).

We declare your tax returns without using your DigiD code. You can make use of our deferral arrangement for the income tax return. Let us know if you have a fiscal partner, so he or she can also make use of your arrangement.