What we do

The wolf  ('LUPA')  stands for vision, speed, teamwork and adventure: all characteristics that are needed to have a succesful company.

Do you like what you do and do you have ambition?

Than you and Artlupa are a perfect match! We like our work, we want you to grow your company and we help you to do so. We offer a total package of administration, accounting, legal, strategic and fiscal services.


We are your coach and consultant


Company programs
Do you have a new idea for a company but do you not know how to start? Do you need strategic direction? Artlupa can help you with our programs.
You can ask us about any tax issue, how to deal with your company, how to arrange your finances and legislation and work towards a flourishing future.

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We are you accountant


Any time, any size
When your company grows, so will the admin size, complexitiy and issues. Do you want to have your tax and admin sorted and freedom to decide how you want it done with the flexibility to change over time when needed? We have solutions for every size and phase of your company. We will manage the books, tax compliance, salary admin and accounting. 

Read more about  self-employed and freelance work and  limited liability companies like a BV


Dare to be ambitious, be a wolf. Contact us here.