Corona measures for the period june up till september 2020

The Dutch Government has taken measurements to help companies and freelancers to have an income. Because the reopening is taking longer and under specific conditions the measurements are extended. The measures for the period up till may/june are extended or replaced by another measure.

- NOW is extended

- TOGS has been changed to TVL MKB

- TOZO is extended but not totally.

- Deferral of tax payment


NOW ( to pay for your employees)

Extention of the current NOW. Lower revenuefor themonths june up till august. The reference month is march. Fired employees will be taken from the payout but no fine. Employers using the NOW for this period will be asked to stimulate employees to change profession.

TVL MKB (to cover for fixed expenses)

Hard hit sectors with a drop in revenue of minimal 30% will be able to apply for a grant of maximum of 50.000 euro to cover for rent, insurances, lease contracts and maintance. The period covered is june up till september 2020.

TOZO 2.0

Income of freelancers will be get an additon to their income up till social minimum income. The income of your partner is part of the calculation.

Deferral of tax payment

Companies can get an deferral of 3 months when requested. You can request for longer period then 3 months, but under the condition the money is used to pay company expenses and not paid to owners in the form of a loan or dividend.