Overview relief package corona 4th Quarter 2021

    The lockdown that was announced on the 18th of December 2021 has big consequences for many entrepreneurs. Prime minister Rutte promised that the Dutch government will meet their needs in the best way possible. But what does that mean in practise? We’ll list the most important support regulations here.


    Read more about the most recent measures on the Dutch governmental website for English speaking entrepreneurs.**


    Extension NOW

    Due to the new lockdown, the application period for NOW support is extended from Q4 2021. Employers can use NOW support to (partly) cover salary expenses for their employees for a period of three months. You can apply for NOW if you have a revenue loss of at least 30%. Go to the website of the UWV (the Dutch governmental Employee Insurance Agency) if you want need NOW support for your loan expenses. Here you can apply. Unfortunately the application is only in Dutch, but you can contact the UWV (tel: +31 (0)88 - 898 92 95) or a financial advisor for support.


    Adjustment TVL (Reimbursement fixed charges)

    Shortly before the lockdown, on the 9th of December, an adjustment of the TVL was announced. The percentage of subsidy in the covering of fixed expenses for entrepreneurs is set on 85% for the last quarter of 2021. You find information about TVL in English at RVO.nl. This is also where you can apply for the reimbursement.


    Applying for TOZO

    No TOZO, but more easy requirements to get BBZ through the local governement.


    Good to know

    Finally, tax measures can also create some financial relief if you are an entrepreneur suffering from the lockdown. Until the 1st of Februari, 2022 you are allowed to apply for an exceptional deferral of tax expenses (like VAT, salary tax, et cetera) . Also, if you make less profit than expected, you can pay less taxes right away by adjusting your provisional assessment. Read more about tax payment extensions and repayments here.