Pricing company Accounting and Tax, for legal entities (BV)

How we do our work

We  have three goals in our way of working, these are: 

  • You know what you pay
  • Freedome of choice
  • Complete package

As part of the freedome of choice we offer three options can can choose from: 

  • We are responsible for the admin, accounting and compliance
  • You will do your own bookkeeping and we check the admin + compliance
  • Integrated approach for payments, invoicing and finance managing


In the table here under you can find the price for 1 and 2. Number 3 is part for larger companies who want to work more integrated, then we would work under our brand Evolupa (


Complete package for limit liabilites companies (besloten vennootschap BV)

We take care of the administration and tax returns for the company both business and private. The price is based on the revenue and size of the work, we take care of the following:

  • Administration and accounting;
  • Year statement, calculating the taxable profit
  • Tax: VAT returns (Value added tax, BTW or omzetbelasting);
  • Tax: income tax returns.
  • Consult: advise per telephone and email
  • Salaryadministration
  • Profit tax (VPB aangifte)

Prices per month, excluding VAT:

Revenue & transactions  Package price
DGA mini (revenue < 60.000 Small number of transactions)   €155
BV small (revenue 60.000 - 90.000 and small number of transactions)  €205
BV basic (revenue 90 - 175.000 or a reasonable number of transactions)  €285
BV basic plus (revenue 175 - 350.000 and reasonable number of transactions)  €420
BV mid (revenue 350.000 - 700.00 and a lot of transactions)  €575
BV mid plus (revenue 700.000 - 1.250.000)   €975
BV large (revenue 1.250.000 - 2.000.000)   €1.240
BV large plus (revenue 2.000.000 - 3.000.000)  €1.795
BV mega (revenue 3.000.000 - 5.000.000)  €2.765
BV mega plus (revenue 5.000.000 - 7.500.000)  €4.005
Stamrecht BV simpel   €52,50
Stamrecht BV complex of 100% investment holding  €105
BV without activity (holding the BV)    €105

-> Salaryadmin and HR, check price here.
-> Income tax, check price here.

Interested? can contact us per info [at] (email) info [at] and telephone +31 20 4123507